Gratitude in Action

October 4th, 2011

I love the change of seasons. I love the cooler weather. Change of seasons – especially the fall – remind me we can begin over and over again throughout the year as well as in our lives. This is the time to reflect on how you and your business are doing and plan for what’s ahead. Forget about waiting until the New Year when things are cold and dark. There’s life all around! Football has started up, school is back at full throttle, and local Fairs and Farmer’s Markets display their beautiful, delicious fruit and crafts to consider for Christmas gifts.

Reasons Why I Am Grateful

As you can tell, lately I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. I have the most wonderful husband and child in the world. They love and accept me ‘just like I am’ with no requirements or requests to change. Read more »

Grace at the Top – Five Attributes of Brilliantly Successful People

September 2nd, 2011

gracious leaderI continue to be amazed by the graciousness of well known leaders.  I am writing a book called Transforming Success into Serenity and am interviewing influential leaders. Many of them are high profile people who are often ‘in the news’.  As the interviews have progressed I have noticed some common themes and pleasant surprises:


Every person I have asked to interview has said yes.  They have generously agreed to meet with me and share what their view from the top is like as well as what has shaped and defined their success.  There have been almost no barriers to access to an interview and they shared openly and candidly with little or no reservation. Read more »