Resources That Help you Shine!

Are you looking to make a change within yourself or within your organization? Start with the Executive Coaching and Consulting resources below and be sure to contact us for a free 30-minute consult on ways that you can become even more brilliant!

Are you Reflecting Light or Casting a Shadow?

The lighthouse remains an iconic symbol for a safe journey home and for an illuminated path during difficult times. The leader of an organization is in a unique position to fill a similar role. Find out how you can find the light within yourself to guide others during good and bad times.
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10 Ways to Create a Workplace that Shines!

What does it take to be an ‘employer of choice’ where people enjoy the environment in which they work? Find out how you can implement 10 Best Practices in the areas of Purpose, Passion, Power, Potential, and Plan to attract and retain the best talent.
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Stressed for Success –
Get Over It!

Do you suffer from the “disease to please”? Symptoms include a successful and prosperous life filled with external symbols of achievement but still feeling empty inside. Here are eight suggestions on how to treat this curable condition!
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The Coach Approach

Studies show that companies who provide Coaching to their executives realized improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service, and shareholder value. That’s a big deal! Find out more about what coaching is, different types that are available, and benefits.
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Being Smart Has Little to Do With Your IQ

There used to be a time when all you needed to succeed was a college degree, show up to work, and maybe do just little more than the person next to you. Not anymore! Find out what else is needed to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.
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