Turn Your Shadows into Leadership Light!

As a leader, you’re definitely in “Shadowland” and need some light to redirect and get back on course.  It is strength to ask for help.  Seek guidance, hire a coach, and solicit feedback or counsel.  You have an inner light; you simply need to access it.  It’s time to get back on track, solve problems, and enjoy increasing your leadership brilliance!

  1. Add play to your day! Lighten up! Fun and recreation are great stress reducers and health enhancers.  Take a dance class, learn a new language, drive home a different way! Change up your lifestyle.  Bored people have boring lives so change your routine and get your spark back.
  2. See failures as lessons to learn and opportunities to grow. Most successful people have five to ten failures before they succeed.  Follow your hunches.  Everyone thought Ted Turner was nuts to think people would want to watch news 24 hours a day. Yeah, right!
  3. Be impeccable in word and deed. Integrity is a non-negotiable for leaders who inspire others to “be” and do their best. Authentic success exists within and is reflected without by being who you say you are. This type of success builds trust and engenders loyalty.
  4. Be accountable to yourself. Find a quiet place and take a personal inventory.  Multi-taskers can actually be multi-slackers!  Reprioritize what really matters. Journal every day for one week to look within and see what you feel is missing and what you want to create next.  Be honest about your own personal needs.  Do you need more support?  Do you have a confidante?  It’s time for personal honesty!  It’s time to make a change.  And it’s definitely time for coaching one-on-one!

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