From Lackluster to Shining Brightly

Do your efforts to lead and empower cause you to ignore yourself? Does external stress drain your inner resources? Do you confuse activity with achievement, exertion for effectiveness? In short, do you frequently accomplish by sheer force of will, rather than from inward composure and self-direction?

Many people don’t know what they don’t know’ and can be derailed by blind spots.   Shining the light on those blind spots can be transformational and allow your unique inner radiance to shine through. This awareness is the most direct path to achieving measurable results and inspiring others to do the same.

Pathways to Brilliance

Executive Brilliance has coached hundreds of executives and professionals through cycles of self-consumption, which dims their lights and can cause stress-related health disorders. Our methods instill inner equilibrium and self-knowledge, which will illuminate professional and personal pathways. The result will be meaningful achievement and collective excellence in all areas of life and work.

Executive Coaching 

Motivation; assertiveness; leadership skills— “buzzwords” of success—are the outward byproducts of self-command and instinctive brilliance. Our methodology is unique in that we receive input from fellow leaders, colleagues and employees that accelerate the results of coaching.  The typical engagement is, at least, one year in duration with defined metrics and specific goals that guide the process to desired outcomes.  While the focus is  on specific results for both the individual and organization, there are often unexpected gains or lessons  that enhance the process and results.

Results may include:

  • Transitioning to a new leadership role with less stress and greater impact
  • Transferring skills and knowledge to emerging leaders
  • Learning more effective time management skills
  • Delegating for increased team performance
  • Enhancing personal and executive presence
  • Developing a Personal Board of Directors to increase competence and  confidence