A new book by Jennifer Whitaker


The Art of Inspirational Leadership

Heart@Work integrates self-mastery with leadership mastery and dismantles the myth that being hard at work is as effective as bringing your heart to work. Dr Whitaker draws from over 100 interviews with influential CEOs and leaders and her own experience as an Executive Coach to offer profound insights and practical tools to guide readers to new ways of inspirational leading and living.

If you are ‘at the top of your game’ and wondering ‘is this all there is?’, an emerging leader who is climbing the corporate ladder, feel trapped by success, or have a large bank account but feel spiritually bankrupt this book is for you.

  • Enter the private world of CEOs and gain remarkable insights
  • Discover the difference between Inspirational and Traditional leadership
  • Learn how heart-centered success leads to profit-rich results
  • Use secrets of awareness, inspiration, and presence to heighten performance
  • Soften your game to sharpen your win!
  • Forget Webster and Wall Street! Create your own definition of success!


Praise for Heart@Work


“I was humbled and honored to be included in Jennifer’s book about Inspirational Leadership. With cynicism at an all time high and trust at an all time low what an important message. Thanks for this powerful and practical message Jennifer.”
– Dr. Betty Siegel, President Emeritus, Kennesaw State University

“Jennifer’s research on inspirational leadership is so timely. It provides unique insights into what makes an inspired leader as well as practical tools to help you be one.”
– George McKerrow, Founder, Longhorn Steakhouse and Co-owner, Ted’s Montana Grill

“Dr. Whitaker’s foundational premise that personal leadership precedes and shapes professional leadership is right on! Authentic and influential leadership originates from within and is reflected in external behaviors and results. The message of Heart@Work is so timely.”
– David Connell, CEO Cobb Chamber of Commerce

“Heart@Work is for anyone interested in better living and leading. The 3 C’s—Clarity, Confidence and Collaboration—are essential qualities for inspirational leadership which we have experienced firsthand in our work with Jennifer.”
– Ronnie Lee, CEO, Walton EMC

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I spent most of the past year interviewing some of Atlanta’s most influential leaders for this book and thought you’d enjoy a Preview of the Foreword by Dr Betty Siegel, President Emeritus of Kennesaw State University.