Maintain Your Brilliance as a Leader!

As a leader of excellence, you shine brightly and light a path of excellence for your organization, team, and family.  You are in a prime position to mentor and guide others to their unique brilliance.  You already know that helping others shine enhances your own personal brilliance. It’s time to inspire yourself and others.

  1. Lead by example by continuing and improving your own skills and knowledge. Lifelong learning is a natural and essential part of the brilliance process.  Winston Churchill said, “The sad thing about experience is it can be wasted on a person.”  Learn, grow, shine brighter!
  2. Develop individuals on your team. Strong leaders hire highly competent people.  A leader’s success is determined by the success of the people on his or her team. Develop your high potentials into high performers and watch collaboration soar.
  3. Find that quiet place within that helps you shape your outer circumstances. The most life-enhancing actions you can do each day are simple things that no one sees.  Try taking 3 deep breaths 3 times a day; have a time each day to quietly give attention to your intention; or offer a random act of kindness.
  4. Serve! Inspiring leaders are by making a difference, not just by making money. They seek to lift the spirit and performance of others through their gifts and time.  Their mission extends beyond the workplace and into community involvement.  Find creative new ways to better serve the world, your family, or your employees.


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