Home is Not a Street Address

“A man should never neglect his family for business.”-Walt Disney

Home is not a just a street address. Home is a shelter from life’s storms. It is a place to begin again. Home is a place, not where they HAVE to take you in, but a place where they WANT to take you in. Home resides inside your heart, and that awareness evolves throughout our lives. An emotional “home” is created when someone loves us on our “being” and not our “doing”–even when we miss the soccer goal, don’t hit our numbers, or aren’t on top of our game. Home is a feeling within that “everything will be ok.” This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen. They will and they do – but when you have a sense of “home” inside of you, you have a place to go when ‘trouble calls you home.’ You have inner resources to deal with those tough external circumstances. You know you will be okay regardless of what’s happening “out there.”

Without exception, a loving supportive family is the top priority and highest source of meaning of every leader interviewed for my book, The CEO Evolution. Leaders speak to the regenerative power of strong marriages and family bonds, not only as a major source of strength but also as deep fulfillment. Personally speaking, for me, family is a place of renewal. The security afforded by a strong family is like a fortress against the powerful winds of change or the winter seasons of life. Regardless of external events that may threaten and challenge, when there is the safety of family or friends and the retreat of home, we can find an inner strength that soothes and propels us forward. Strong families or deep personal bonds ensure that we thrive in our social being and professional achievements. Family relations can closely mirror our most important work and business relationships, all indicators of trust levels. To succeed in any kind of relationship, you must reciprocate in sharing your essence or soul. When Essence—what makes you YOU– is acknowledged, valued, and nurtured you will soon find that bonding and loyalty grow in profound ways in your family and among your team members.

Remember, home is not just a street address but rather a shelter from life’s storms. As such, it’s important for any brilliant leader to be able to bring this peace, serenity, and sense of well-being to those they lead. You will find that the benefits of providing such a haven will reap immeasurable rewards both personally and professionally.

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