‘Tis the Season….To be Grateful!

I love this time of year!  The weather is cooler and the sounds, smells and lights of the Holiday Season fill the air.  Christmas songs are playing on the radio and friends and family send cards and pictures we are so anxious to receive.  It’s a happy time.  It’s a giving time.  And most importantly, it’s a time to reflect and be grateful!

If you’ve read my Blog very often you know I consider Gratitude one of the most significant gifts we can give ourselves.  You can quickly identify people who color their world and life with Gratitude.  They treat people differently, regardless of whether it’s the waiter that serves them, the cashier at Wal-Mart, an employee that reports to them, or even a family member.  They have a different presence about them.  They notice the small things as well as the big ones.  They say thank you.  They focus on YOU.  They aren’t petty and small and do not derive pleasure from anyone else’s misfortune or pain.  They don’t engage in gossip.  The list goes on and on of how people who fill their life with gratitude are different.  I’m sure you can think of other traits yourself.

Gratitude and Football?

In the world of professional football, Tim Tebow has been the talk of most news programs recently.  He is a ‘less than skilled’ quarterback, his passes are often ‘wobbly’, and he isn’t the fastest man on the field.  But, he has retained his composure amid an avalanche of criticism the first half of the season as he stood on the sidelines before becoming the first string quarterback.  This has garnered him an impressive 7-1 record.  What is especially noteworthy about Tim Tebow is not his ability to win games someway somehow.  It’s also not only his devotion to his faith that he openly professes.  What makes TIm Tebow unique is his kind and compassionate spirit.  Even when his receivers drop the ball, he encourages them.  When they are down 10 points in the last 2 minutes he is inspiring his team to keep pushing.  He appreciates what he has been given and uses his gifts to help those around him.

Does it surprise you that having gratitude in your life results in more success?  It shouldn’t.  Research shows that leaders who are compassionate and encouraging create a higher performing workplace achieve outstanding results. Tebow certainly exemplifies this research.  He epitomizes gratitude in action and elicits the same response in others.

On of the questions I asked my clients, colleagues, or the CEO’s I interviewed for my book was if they considered themselves to be a grateful person.  The majority said yes and that they felt very blessed in their lives.  A good example for all of us to follow.

I invite you to become a grateful person–feel gratitude, express gratitude and see how gratitude can change the color and texture of your life regardless of the season!

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