Go Take a Walk in the Park!

June 15th, 2011

I am fortunate to have a lovely park near our home. As a matter of fact, we have three parks within a five mile radius of our home! This is gift that is not missed on me and I am truly grateful. My favorite park has a large body of water or pond in the middle of it. There is something about water that calms and soothes my mind and soul. As I walked at this park this morning all of my senses were acute and I noticed the myriad faces of Spring — from the gentle breeze, the delightful aroma of honeysuckle and more activity with people running, walking and fishing.

Some people walked slowly, some more briskly. The same was true of the joggers – some were running ‘full out’ and others a more leisurely pace. Some people wore earplugs and listened to music,  while others sang out loud. There were men playing soccer and laughing as much as they ran. There were parties at two pavilions preparing for a cook-out. They had the charcoal grills going, tablecloths on the picnic tables full of hamburger buns, chips and drinks. The people who were fishing seemed so peaceful and relaxed. Read more »

Is There Grace in Your Race?

May 20th, 2011

My husband and I recently went to Vegas for our 25th anniversary. Talk about sensory overload! I’m still decompressing! The lights, the glitter, the shows, and the hookers. Hundreds of slot machines in every hotel, delectable food, street shows. It was ALL there ALL the time – 24/7.

We enjoyed our trip very much but were thrilled to return to our nice, quiet neighborhood and our routine.

As I saw all the fast paced, frenetic, non-stop activity it reminded me that this is how many of us lead our lives. We measure success by how full our calendar is or the number of speaking engagements we have. We feel good about ourselves when we see the number of commas in our check book or we think about the size and number of our homes. The only problem is that these are faulty metrics when it comes to measuring a fulfilled and satisfying life. Read more »