Go Take a Walk in the Park!

I am fortunate to have a lovely park near our home. As a matter of fact, we have three parks within a five mile radius of our home! This is gift that is not missed on me and I am truly grateful. My favorite park has a large body of water or pond in the middle of it. There is something about water that calms and soothes my mind and soul. As I walked at this park this morning all of my senses were acute and I noticed the myriad faces of Spring — from the gentle breeze, the delightful aroma of honeysuckle and more activity with people running, walking and fishing.

Some people walked slowly, some more briskly. The same was true of the joggers – some were running ‘full out’ and others a more leisurely pace. Some people wore earplugs and listened to music,  while others sang out loud. There were men playing soccer and laughing as much as they ran. There were parties at two pavilions preparing for a cook-out. They had the charcoal grills going, tablecloths on the picnic tables full of hamburger buns, chips and drinks. The people who were fishing seemed so peaceful and relaxed. There was no look of intense determination of “I’ve got to catch a fish today”. They leisurely threw their pole in the water and waited. Some brought their kids and they played and frolicked and skipped rocks across the water.

You know what I like about “the park” – we’re all the same. We’re all there simply to walk, play, bike, fish or exercise. There are no titles, no agendas, no phones or emails to answer. There is no competition (unless you’re playing soccer maybe). There are just people who have chosen to slow the pace even if they are running, cooking or watching the ducks.

I am so grateful the County in which I reside provides and maintains parks that afford such pleasure. That is good use of my tax dollars. On this particular morning, I was filled with awe and wonder of the magic of life if we are open to see, receive and experience it. It felt good to be part of a group of people who were stepping out of the crazy, frenetic pace we live most days and enjoy the joy and beauty that surrounds us.

It reminded me that brilliance and joy are always available to us if we are in the space to receive them. Leaders who truly inspire and influence from the inside out know how essential moments like my ‘walk in the park’ are. When you are spent and depleted, you have no reservoir from which to draw. Shutting down and relaxing is absolutely essential to support going at full throttle and being effective. So….. Remember that phone call or email can wait…. Your life is calling — go take a walk in the park!

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