Is There Grace in Your Race?

My husband and I recently went to Vegas for our 25th anniversary. Talk about sensory overload! I’m still decompressing! The lights, the glitter, the shows, and the hookers. Hundreds of slot machines in every hotel, delectable food, street shows. It was ALL there ALL the time – 24/7.

We enjoyed our trip very much but were thrilled to return to our nice, quiet neighborhood and our routine.

As I saw all the fast paced, frenetic, non-stop activity it reminded me that this is how many of us lead our lives. We measure success by how full our calendar is or the number of speaking engagements we have. We feel good about ourselves when we see the number of commas in our check book or we think about the size and number of our homes. The only problem is that these are faulty metrics when it comes to measuring a fulfilled and satisfying life.

If we measure ourselves from external achievement or possessions we’ll always be empty inside. Why? Because things “outside” can’t fill the hole in our soul. To find that quiet place within that restores and renews – we need to relax into a sense of peace and ease rather than drink more coffee or work longer hours.

If you’re stuck in this ‘need for speed and the desire to achieve’ syndrome and feeling spent and exhausted rather than energized and alive – your life is speaking – are you listening? If you’re feeling caught in the mire of frenetic activity and looking on the outside but feel empty and vacant on the inside consider these reflections:

Contrast is Good

If we didn’t have bad days we wouldn’t recognize and appreciate the good ones. The frenetic pace helps us recognize the stress and is the very catalyst that leads us to seek a quieter more peaceful place. The trick is that you need to take the actions necessary to reach this quieter place. So rather than getting all stirred up and stressed out…just ‘be’ where you are and trust ‘this too shall pass’. Remember, Spring always follows Winter.

Silence is Golden

Take two to five minutes (or more if you can) and just be still. Sit in a comfortable chair or stretch out on a sofa, take a few deep breaths and rest your eyes and mind. Listen to some relaxing music or fondly recall a loving memory. Simply try to silence the inner gremlin that is speaking too loudly in your head.

Let Nature Nurture

Spring surrounds us – signs of new life are everywhere. Have you noticed the gorgeous flowers? Did you smell that jasmine or honeysuckle? We have been given a beautiful world that functions perfectly. The sun rises and sets with no help from us, the ocean rushes to and from the shoreline, the seasons flow seamlessly to and from each other. Take some time and contemplate these things and consider them as a gift. Reflect on your place in the grand scheme of things and be grateful!

So as you run your race – consider slowing the pace and adding a little grace along the way.

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