Introducing The Brilliant Leader Model eBook!

I’ve had a book in my head and heart for years. The challenge has been how to get this book out of my head and into the hands of those who can benefit. Due to favorable events and circumstances, I’ve been able to do just that! I’m happy to announce the book in my head can now be a book in your hands with the release of The Brilliant Leader Model.

Why “The Brilliant Leader Model” eBook?

I have heard a common theme as I’ve listened to clients for the past 10 years.  They look good from the outside but often feel empty within. They struggle with how to address that ‘hole in their soul’, as one client described it.

We see structures, institutions, and organizations that have been in place for decades begin to disintegrate or change form. The world-wide economy is imploding, entire governments are crumbling, and leaders are being ousted. Despite this chaos and uncertainty, politicians are more focused on their agenda rather than the needs of ‘we the people’. Combine all this with the incessant barrage of electronic and instant communication and it is no wonder there is worldwide angst. People are thinking “what’s happening to our world” and more importantly “what’s happening to MY world?”

There often must be a breakdown before there can be a break-through. I believe that is exactly what is happening in our world now. The focus of my book is not the world ‘out there’ but the world within. The book focuses on the world that resides in your heart, mind, and soul. The world that exists in those 6 inches between each side of your head.

The Brilliant Leader Model is intended to guide people to do the inner excavation that leads to outer transformation. This is a resource that helps people silence the static within so they can more efficiently and effectively deal with and shape the noise ‘out there’.

Setting Your Leadership Compass

When you possess strength, resilience and peace within – you can deal with whatever challenge life throws your way or miracle that has your name on it. Unfortunately, most successful leaders are very proficient and have been rewarded for external achievement exclusively with no consideration given to their inner well-being. This external achievement includes getting the next promotion, hitting their numbers, a nice house, a healthy P&L, or serving as an influential community leader. But when storms or challenges come that require inner wisdom and strength rather than bravado or a great speech, they have no inner compass to guide them to their True North.

To assist people in setting their own leadership compass, I am offering my thoughts and resources to guide them safely home to themselves. Guiding people home to themselves means that regardless of the weather outside, they have a clear sense of direction and are able to navigate to their own safe harbor. I’m offering this information in the form of 3 eBooks that are based on my decades of experience as an Executive Coach, Business owner, Volunteer, and Community Participant. Additionally, these books include insights gleaned from over 75 interviews with inspirational leaders throughout the United States! This first book is called The Brilliant Leader Model and describes the foundation of my concept of Inspirational Leadership.

The Brilliant Leader Model is now available! I invite you to read it, share it with friends and colleagues, and enjoy it. It is my gift to you as you step into new levels of your own brilliance.

It’s time to shine — Be Brilliant!

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2 Responses to “Introducing The Brilliant Leader Model eBook!”

  1. Solomina Ray says:

    This is truly an incredible message from a top-notch executive coach and business expert. At long last, Dr. Jennifer Whitaker’s valuable ideas and theories are being made available to a wide audience. After reading The Brilliant Leader Model, executives will not only have a map for the journey but also the keys to a more integrated and balanced self and how that is absolutely essential to business leadership now and in the future.

  2. Dana Mayer says:

    Kudos on turning the idea of your book into action and teaching others to do the same. Your gentle voice is needed in the world.