Three Lessons a Dog Can Teach You About Life

In my most recent post about The Rhythm of Life I shared our recent scare with the possibility of losing Samson, our precious 4 lb. Yorkie. While the experience was terrifying, it did allow me to reflect on the following three lessons about life:

  • Life can Turn on a Dime:  We all need to realize this sobering fact and enjoy every moment. Jobs can be lost, health can be taken away, kids can ‘go astray’, and dogs can die. When I was a hospital Chaplain I will never forget a 32 year woman who was watching her husband play basketball in a gymnasium. Someone dropped a purse and the gun that was in the purse fired. The stray bullet hit her in the chest and killed her instantly! As I was meekly trying to comfort her husband in his stunned state of total shock and disbelief, I felt so helpless to begin to understand or soothe his pain. Living ‘full out’ and being grateful for every moment of joy, love and health is gift beyond measure. We need to relish the goodness of each day, every day.
  • A Circle of Support Helps You Through Tough Times:  We often feel alone in our struggle or loss – but I had a circle of support for myself and Sam that I could not believe. Friends and family called and offered insight into what they knew about kidney disease. The provided advice or comfort or just asked me to email a picture of Sam. The outpouring of concern went on and on and it really soothed my troubled soul .
  • Great Expertise and Caring Professionals are a Gift:  I was amazed at the level and type of medical care and advice available. These doctors and technicians truly care about their work and that reassured us. It was obvious that they are doing what they love and loving what they do. I felt confident in their ability and comforted by their compassion.

I could not help but think of the parallels of my experience with my sick dog to brilliance in people and the workplace. What if your boss and colleagues lived each day to the fullest? What if they exuded confidence and competence and displayed compassion when someone or things were falling apart? What if their natural way of living was with the intention of leaving their fingerprints on the lives and hearts of others?

Can you feel the glow? I can! I invite you to live out loud, to dare to care with all your heart, to give your best every day. When you reflect that type of brilliance you illuminate not only your world but THE world. Go — Be Brilliant!

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  1. Solomina Ray says:

    AMAZING INSIGHTS! Beautiful!