Leading from Essence

The Brilliant Leader Model™ shows a correlation between the leader’s internal resources and the outer circumstances which he or she faces. Ignoring this link can lead to an assortment of organizational problems, failures, poor attitudes, and bad relationships. Paying attention to the feeling inner side of the leader is the fastest way of creating value in the outer world of results. The ancient wisdom “As within, so without” works personally in life and professionally at the office.

The Brilliant Leader Model™ holds a reverent space for the value of a leader’s personal reflection time and spirituality. During scheduled quiet time, a leader demonstrates rejuvenating self-care which ultimately spills over into business empowerment, with an attitude of service towards others. While the soul is impossible to describe, we know its vibrant, expressive, and transformational qualities. What some may call their most powerful inner resource “potential,” the model refers to it as “core essence.”

Core Essence

Here’s another way to identify essence versus the business persona. Most of us can feel our different selves become activated in different settings. We may feel an exciting self turn “ON” when we are fully engaged in an activity we love and “OFF” when we are not. A brilliant leader is very much aware of core essence as a charismatic power. Our essence is who we really are creatively and spiritually. Essence lives “underneath” what can be a tough business persona.

Inspiring Leadership

The Brilliant Leader Model™ illustrates a wholeness that happens when a leader integrates not only two sides of the personality, public and private, but also two psychological functions of thinking and feeling, resulting in an inspirational leadership style that profoundly influences others. Simply put, the two opposite sides of a leader’s identity work in tandem, continuously co-creating each other. Whatever is inside the leader-impressions, intuition, sensitivity, knowledge, logic, analytical abilities, and more–continually flows outward like a beam of light to illuminate the business. Simultaneously, what is “outside”—decisions about hiring, time management, delegation, prioritization, massive emails, numerous board meetings, performance issues, budget issues—continuously challenges who the leader is from within.

Hence, leaders are constantly engaged in this exchange between what is ‘out there’ and what is ‘in here.’ This is why a one-sided leader is, in a sense, only “half” functioning, and does not function fully and in totality. One-sided leaders are typically more task-oriented than people-oriented. Optimum leadership performance is achieved through a synthesis and cultivated awareness of who a leader is and what a leader does.

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