There is Life in Death…

August 5th, 2011

Our precious Samson decided it was time to be our angel-on-high instead of an angel in our home. It was incredibly sad to let him go, but it was crystal clear there was no other choice if we cared for his well-being.

I’ve always heard dogs (and often people) will let you know when they are ready to go. When Sam was sick a month ago his eyes and spirit were clear and his little three pound body was full of life. I knew he wasn’t ready to leave our physical presence. But, weeks later it was equally clear his time of physical breaths were nearing their end. I held him all day long on his last day with us. My husband was home with me and we both walked and cried the entire time. We knew Sam was fading and to keep him here was an act of selfishness. We knew the right and best path for Sam and followed our heads while our hearts broke in two.

Some profound, albeit painful, insights came out of this heartbreaking experience: Read more »