Legacy – Coach Bill Curry

A legacy is something that we hand down from ourselves to those who come after us. It’s a sobering thought when we are asked what we want our legacy to be. That is exactly what I asked Coach Bill Curry, the Head Football Coach at Georgia State University in this 2-minute video. Take a couple of moments to see his thoughtful and touching answer.

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4 Responses to “Legacy – Coach Bill Curry”

  1. Solomina Ray says:

    Bill Curry’s words on Legacy send chills all the way through me. I respect him so much for candidly sharing these spiritual truths and living them in the very tough world he leads. I am in awe of this kind of brilliant, vulnerable communication happening at the top of the business world. A truly amazing interview by Executive Coach Jennifer Whitaker. Thank you!

    • How fortunate to have leaders like Coach Curry who are willing to share their story and challenges. Corporate America is hungry for similar leaders – this is how transformation happens.

  2. Ron Stephenson says:

    Jennifer, it speaks well of you to be invited into people’s lives like Bill Curry does in this interview. Ron