Why We Need More Baby Talk Today

babiesHave you seen the darling video of the twins standing in front of the refrigerator talking 2-year old gibberish? Nobody understands a word they’re saying (we’re sure they do), but we sit there and listen to the entire conversation and laugh hysterically ourselves. Or, the video of the baby who cackles uncontrollably as his father tears up the rejection letter?

Why do videos like these get millions of views? What does this say about us today? It feels good to watch babies laughing. It makes us laugh. It touches our heart. It speaks to something that is missing in many of our lives today.

We live in our heads WAY too much and have become isolated from others. We are on our computers, iPhones, and other digital devices 24/7. We’ve replaced talking to each other with texting. What we really long for is a human connection, not an electronic substitute. We want to be lighter and easier in our lives, but many of us have forgotten how.

I believe that is why these videos get millions of views.

What if leaders played that video of the twins being absolutely silly lost in their baby 2-year old gibberish conversation and totally engaged with each other? What if that was played in a staff meeting? What if the leader used this as the basis to encourage employees to work hard and to play hard?

I can tell you what would happen. With the right structure and leadership both performance and profits would soar! If you are in a leadership position, take a lesson from these laughing babies. Be brilliant — Lighten up! Become engaged. Do what you do with passion and those you lead will certainly follow.

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