Life Flows When You Let Go….

A friend asked me to go with her to a Business gathering recently and I agreed. My reason was mainly to spend time with her and for a change of pace. It was a nice event at a great venue with delicious hors d’oeuvres and an interesting presentation. There were three people there I knew already.  Two were former students in my Coaching Certification course I taught several years ago and one was a business colleague I had not seen for a year or so. It was a pleasant surprise and provided a great opportunity to catch up.

Then I met Bernie Wolford, one of the hosts of the event. I had a delightful conversation with Bernie primarily about his impressive history as an executive at Home Depot before retiring and beginning new business endeavors. One of his latest ventures is with Business Radio X which is a forum business owner’s use to market themselves by marketing and interviewing others. I was intrigued by this great concept.

A few days later, I received an email from Bernie asking if I would like to be a guest on his Accelerator Avenue Program and discuss Executive Brilliance. I joyfully accepted as the invitation seemed to come out of the blue!

Having been a recovering overachiever most of my life and someone who ‘made things happen’, I realized I was ready and ripe for a new paradigm.  Often when we get out of our own way and allow life to take its natural course, we may be surprised what shows up. I went to this event with no real agenda except to spend time with my friend before the event and learn about this business internet radio program. I left the event with a wonderful opportunity opening itself up to me.

Naturally, I enthusiastically agreed to this interview and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You can find this 30 minute interview at this link ( as I discuss our unique approach to helping leaders and executives discover and express their unique brilliance. I am planting lots of seeds lately with this Blog, a monthly newsletter, and interviews like this.  Who knows which seeds will sprout and what will show up. I’m just enjoying having a mission of helping people to discover their inner radiance and share it with the world.

I invite you to lighten up, lose the heavy agenda, and the constant “should, oughts, and musts” and see what the day and life may bring your way. It’s a much better view and you’ll enjoy the journey a lot more!

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