The Coach Approach

March 21st, 2011

So what’s all the buzz about Coaching: Executive Coaching, Business Coaching–what the heck is a business coach? And why is it so “hot” to have a coach? Managing change, integrating diversity and achieving results are minimum requirements. This is precisely why Coaching is so “hot.” Coaching is a process of working with people to achieve specific and measurable results. Read more »

10 ways to Create a Workplace that Shines

March 7th, 2011

In today’s demanding work environment, it is imperative to attract and retain the brightest employees. To do that you need to be an ‘employer of choice’–one that creates an environment where people want to work. Consider these guidelines to attract and retain the best talent while enhancing your bottom line. Read more »

Brilliant Leadership: Are you Reflecting Light or Casting a Shadow?

March 1st, 2011

The giant presence of a lighthouse, topped with a powerful beacon, conjures images of safe guidance and the warning of imminent danger for those traveling by sea.  Historically, lighthouses have been used to mark points of hazardous coastline as well as to indicate the entrance to a secure harbor.  It is unfortunate that the number of operational lighthouses continues to decline as their purpose is replaced by advanced geo-location technology.  Still, the lighthouse itself remains an iconic symbol for a safe journey home and for an illuminated path during difficult times. Read more »