Three Leadership Lessons we Can Learn from a Fairy Tale Wedding

The Royal Wedding is only days away and is all the buzz. There are Specials about it almost every day on all the networks.  What will Kate wear?  Why isn’t William going to wear a ring? Who is designing and making the wedding gown?  Oh, the fun and thrill of the dream of living happily ever after!

So what’s the rationale behind all the buzz of the Prince finding his Princess – and more importantly the future King and Queen?  And what does all this have to do with Inspirational Leadership.  The following are three ponderings to consider ….

Fantasies Can Stretch Us

We long for the happily ever after. We dream of finding the perfect mate to share our life with.  We are thrilled by the temporary distraction of an event that takes us out of the ‘daily grind’ and may even help us to dream a bigger dream for our own lives. Doesn’t a part of us want to believe that dreams really do come true, that there just may be a fairy in the bush, or we can hold a moonbeam in our hands?

That’s what inspiring leaders do – they hold a bigger vision for us than we currently hold for ourselves.  They help us to look beyond what is to what can be.  They inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.  Watching them live large themselves and embody in deed what they espouse in words, we see a tangible example of extraordinary leadership – which is magical.

Distractions Can Help Us Be More Productive

When we get stuck on something or the answer won’t come, we are often over-thinking it. You have most likely experienced this yourself. What can help you get through these mental roadblocks? The best solution is to put it down and do something totally different.

When I was writing my doctoral dissertation and had writer’s block, I literally put all my books and papers in another room and didn’t look at them ALL weekend.  When I started again Monday – my thoughts and facts flowed easily and effortlessly.  Sometimes we’re just too close to see the answer.  Isn’t that why we go to movies (or watch royalty marry) – they’re a distraction from the daily grind of life?

We can become so enmeshed in the constant misfires, company gossip, and daily emails at work that we forget that it’s Spring outside.  Flowers are blooming, the wind is gently blowing, baseball has begun and life is in sweet transition. Find and make time for these distractions and enjoy them. You will find that your productivity will soar!

Happiness Feels Good

Weddings represent new beginnings and fresh new commitments and an outward expression of love. It makes us happy to see others happy.  The symbolism and promise of what is and is yet to be is exhilarating to behold.

Did you know happy people are more productive and better team players?  So enjoy being happy…. It raises your spirits and, of course, allows you to bring more to the table (and office) because you don’t have all the heavy baggage of negativity, fear and competition.   Anyone and anything that lifts our spirits typically lifts morale and performance.

By inspiring others, following your bliss, and relishing the magic we may all find that we can live and work happily ever after!

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